Stephen Emmerson

The Making of the English Working Class


The full installation is available at Junction Box

The Making of the English Working Class from Stephen Emmerson on Vimeo.

The Journal of Baal & Other Poems

Out Now from Veer


Ikkyu Rewritten


20 Poems by Ikkyu rewritten using a prepared typewriter.

More @ A Bad Penny Review




Remains – limited edition set of 10 vials containing the remains of poems.


Total Recall @ Bury Art Museum

Paul Written

Some visual poems featured at the Total Recall exhibition

Family Portraits published by If P Then Q


‘Family Portraits’ has been published by
If P Then Q. 104 pages of portraits with 8 pills that allow you to see them.


As part of ‘On Light’ at The Welcome Collection


Comfortable Knives reviewed by Steve Spence

At Stride Magazine


Letters to Verlaine

Paul Written

Letters to Verlaine released on Deep White Sound

Poems and Music

Random Access Tape

A collaborative musique-concrete recording comprised of randomly sequenced micro-compositions by deepwhitesound artists. This limited edition cassette serves as a physical document of work created for Stream Room, a multi-channel sound installation in Portland, Oregon

Random Access Tape