Poetry Wholes @ Poetry by Design, University of Leeds

Poetry Wholes Leeds

Homeopoetry @ Rye Winter Salon


Remains @ Conceptual Poetics, South Bank Centre

1 Conceptual Poetry South Bank

2 Conceptual Poetry South bank

Photo’s by Harpreet Kalsi, courtesy of The Poetry Library

Pharmacopoetics @ Prescriptions, Canterbury

Egidija PRESCRIP_28

Light Pills Exhibicion Luz Puerto Rico


Sugar pills kept on a window sill for three weeks soaking up natural light. Participants were asked to let one of the pills dissolve under their tongue and let the light emanate through their body.

End of the Poem

Family Portraits and Poetry Wholes featured at the Poetry Library open day as part of the End of the Poem exhibition.

Light Pills @ The Welcome Collection


Sugar pills kept on a window sill for three weeks soaking up natural light. Participants were asked to let one of the pills dissolve under their tongue and then project the absorbed light onto a blank sheet of paper.

Random Access Tape

Random Access Tape

A collaborative musique-concrete recording comprised of randomly sequenced micro-compositions by deepwhitesound artists. This limited edition cassette serves as a physical document of work created for Stream Room, a multi-channel sound installation in Portland, Oregon

Total Recall @ Bury Art Museum 

Paul WrittenText Festival (Total Recall)

Some visual poems featured at the Total Recall exhibition (photo Philip Davenport)

The Last Ward @ Leeds International Artists’ Book Fair


More info here

zimZalla @ The Hardy Tree

Featuring ‘A never ending poem read with dice that goes on to explore the possibilities of human intervention within the context & illusion of chance’ and ‘Poems found at the scene of a murder’, alongside work by Richard Barrett, Lucy Harvest Clarke, Tom Watts, Tony Lopez and many more.

Hardy Tree

Illuminationsan exhibition curated by Black & Blue 19th – 21st June 2014, featured The Last Ward


Placebo Exhibition @ Farringdon Factory 16/12/2013

Participants were asked to swallow one of the Exhibition Pills (below). Those taking part were then led into an empty space for 60 seconds.  They were then led out of the room and back into the reception area and thanked for taking part in the Placebo Exhibition.

exhibition pills

Albion at The Dark Would, Summerhall, Edinburgh.



Pharmacopoetics was shown as part of the Visual Poetics exhibition at the Poetry Library 12/02/13 – 05/05/13

pharmacopoeticspharmacopoetics picture 2


Installed at Inland Studios 9th & 10th August 2012

Given to participants at the installation

William Blake was a visionary English poet and artist who wrote, etched, and printed illuminated books. He despised organised religion, but claimed to see visions of angels and devils, and regularly spoke to the spirit of his dead brother. His Prophetic works were apparently dictated to him by these apparitions.

Albion is an invitation to help Blake complete a new poetic work. Participants can channel Blake using the pentagram and a series of typewriters. 

Use the typewriters to help create a new poem by William Blake.

An excerpt from the soundtrack:

Los was created by recording Blake’s ‘Ah Sunflower’ being typed over and over again.


‘Albion’ will be published in 2013 by Like This Press

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