How to use Homeopoetry

List of books used

1. Homeopoetry


Rilke Translations @ Fjender (Sonnets to Orpheus & Duino Elegies)

Pharmacopoetics @ Apple Pie Editions


pharmacopoetics picture 2

Pill Poems @ Compostxt




Placebo Film on the life of Bohumil Hrabal @ Caberet Hrabal

Poem Pills presented at The Red Ceilings / Zimzalla reading

Poem Pills 2

Each pill will remove 5 words from your vocabulary @ Various Venues


3 Parallel Worlds @  Various Venues


Placebo Exhibition @ Farringdon Factory 16/12/2013

Participants were asked to swallow one of the Exhibition Pills (below). Those taking part were then led into an empty space for 60 seconds.  They were then led out of the room and back into the reception area and thanked for taking part in the Placebo Exhibition.

exhibition pills

Pill Poem

Presented at Peter Barlows Cigarette in Manchester. Audience members were given a Pill Poem and a blank sheet of A4 paper. They were then instructed to swallow the pill and stare at the blank sheet of paper for 60 seconds projecting their own unique  poem onto it.

pill poem

Rilke Translations @ Kakania (Neue Gedichte)

Family Portraits Launch

Family Portraits published by If P Then Q


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