Review of Temporary Structures by Sam Phasey

Short essay on poetry-objects by Kimberly Campenello featuring Poetry Wholes

Review of If P Then Q reading by Matt Dalby

Short piece on Rilke by Rey Conquer that mentions my Rilke translations

Review of Family Portraits  by Steven Hitchins 

Family Portraits featured in S J Fowlers top ten books of 2016

Albums Radio/Tape and Letters to Verlaine both made Acts of Silence best of 2015 list.

Review of Refracted Light anthology by Ryan Ormonde

Review of Comfortable Knives by Steve Spence

Witchcraft album featured on Acts of Silence list of best releases 2014

Review of Comfortable Knives by Peter Manson

Review of Dear world and everyone in it by Adam Piette

Comfortable Knives reviewed by Sarah Gonnet

Review of No Ideas But in Things by Andy Spragg in Hix Eros

Review of Albion and The Dark Would exhibition here

Albion reviewed here

Review of Visual poetry at the Southbank by Jame Robles

Reviews of No Ideas But in Things, & Pharmacopoetics by Sarah Gonnet at I’m a serious journalist you know

Great write up of  Albion at The Dark Would in The Herald

A never ending poem read with dice that goes on to explore the possibilities of human intervention within the context & illusion of chance reviewed by Anthony Adler

Telegraphic Transcriptions reviewed by Tom Jenks

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